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How to make a safer to swallow supplement for those with dysphagia

21 July 2017

Milkshake supplements are useful and easy to use unless the person has dysphagia? It is virtually impossible to thicken supplements to a safe-to-swallow consistency and is a real problem for Nursing Homes and Care Facilities.

We therefore created Slõ Milkshakes+ to help. They mean the end of scoop-and-hope.

Thickener is already included. You don’t need to add any.

Each sachet contains a specific dose of thickener to make a Slõ Milkshake+ to a Stage 1 (syrup/ nectar) or Stage 2 (custard/honey) consistency.

And…more importantly our thickener it is not like any other – it is formulated to work with milk.

Consequently, it mixes quickly and easily. The drinker will never have to sieve un-dissolved lumps of thickener through their teeth. They will find Slõ Milkshakes + completely smooth and lump free.

Our thickener is also stable. Slõ Milkshakes+ will stay at the same consistency and safe to swallow for 24 hours when kept in the fridge. That means multiple Slõ Milkshakes+ can be made in advance and if the drinker can only sip small amounts, you can just take a little out of the fridge at time.

Having the thickener in the Slõ Milkshakes+ also means training session are quick and short. Carers just add 200mls of whole milk to make them in a shaker or a cup with a fork. All of this is explained in clear easy to read pictorial instructions on every sachet.


All those with dysphagia can now drink without worry, knowing they won’t suffer an embarrassing choking fit and safely consume over 330 calories, 23g of protein and a mix of 25 vitamins and minerals.

Better still Slõ Milkshakes+ are made with cold fresh whole milk from the fridge.

They don’t have an artificial taste many associate with the pre-made ones; don’t leave a metallic after taste or taste too sweet.

It all adds up to a more pleasant way to maintain a person’s calorie intake. Carers and those with dysphagia can all be confident a Slõ Milkshake is always the right safe consistency and pleasant to drink.

You can find out more about Slõ Milkshakes flavours here.

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