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Medication and dysphagia research

28 September 2016

There is very little research available on the use of medication with dysphagia patients.

As at September 2016 we have only been able to find three studies.

Crushed Tables; Does the Administration of Food Vehicles and Thickened Fluids to Aid medication Swallowing, Alter Drug Release

Thickening agents used of dysphagia management: effect on bio-availability of water, medication and feelings of satiety

Oral medication delivery in impaired swallowing: thickening liquid medications for safe swallowing alters dissolution characteristics

These studies focus on the way that a drugs’ dissolution is affected by being placed in thickened water at different consistencies i.e. Stage 1: Syrup, Nectar, Level 150 or Stage 2: Custard, Honey, Level 400. It clearly shows the thicker the drink a drug is placed into, the slower its dissolution.

Whilst these results are on specific drugs, the evidence clearly shows, it is essential to ascertain what consistency fluids the dysphagia patient has been prescribed before advising what medication to take and in what form i.e. whole or crushed.

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