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Medicine Optimisation for those with swallowing difficulties – dysphagia

16 September 2016

Optimising Medication for those with dysphagia is a complicated issue. But no central resource exists to help healthcare professionals make informed decisions.

Doctors, Pharmacists and Healthcare professionals have to search the internet for advice and information every time a patient presents with dysphagia. That’s time consuming and puts a huge pressure on the prescriber and the provider of the medication.

We are therefore building this library of everything we can find dysphagia and medication related.

The information is not endorsed by us and we don’t advocate the use of the advice or suggestions contained within it. It is provided to help healthcare professionals and those with dysphagia make the most of medicines.

We have started the library with some research papers and will add to this as we find more useful information.

If you therefore have information you want to share or think would help healthcare professionals be better informed about medication and dysphagia please do send it to and we will add it to the library.

We hope you find it useful.

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