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Merry Christmas

19 December 2016

…to all those with and caring for someone with dysphagia: spouses, family, clinicians, doctors; every member of a patients care team.

The Christmas holidays are an incredibly social affair. It’s the occasion everyone associates with lots of eating and drinking with friends and relatives. But dysphagia can make it difficult.

Despite that people carry on and do everything they can to make Christmas special.

Those with dysphagia overcome fear of embarrassment and join in.  Spouses and family members will spend a huge amount of time trying to make things “just right”. Clinicians, Doctors and the care team will provide all the support they can, many going over and above their official responsibilities.

And so with admiration, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All of us at Slõ Drinks.

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