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Got Milk? Slõ Drinks have! – Milk for Dysphagia

22 January 2015

Milk is great for those with dysphagia but it can prove difficult to mix ordinary thickeners in it. Fortunately, ours is easy!

Simply add the contents of our sachets to 200ml of whole milk and change it into Slõ Milk Stage 1: Syrup or Stage 2: Custard.

Slõ Milk is tastes like ordinary milk and is lump free. It  has all the vitamins and minerals you need. It just flows slowly, so it’s safer to swallow.

Ultimately, you can improve nutritional intake without using expensive, sickly sweet supplements which don’t thicken and are rarely drunk.

Slõ Milk is sold in boxes of 25 only available from Slõ Drinks direct.

Contact us for more information, or email for a free sample.


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