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Milk free, vegan friendly ONS for Dysphagia

16 July 2019

For those with a normal swallow, there are lots of nutritional supplements to choose from. For those with dysphagia there are only three pre-thickened ones available – in the world!

Dietitians and Nutritionists have wanted more – a wider range – so they can give their patients more options. They also wanted some of those options to be milk free.

We’ve therefore created Slõ Juice+.

They are the 1st milk free, Vegan friendly pre-thickened powdered protein rich nutritional supplements which provide 300+ calories, 8g+ of protein, + mix of 25 vitamins and minerals.

As you would expect they match the IDDSI 2 & 3 flow rates, are amylase resistant and maintain the same safe flow rate all day.

Available in 3 flavours: Orange, Banana & Mango and Blackcurrant, they all look and taste good. Not too sweet, without a metallic aftertaste and made with 200mls of cold water
from the tap or fridge; they are refreshing to drink.

Ordinarily, before telling you we would wait until we’ve completed trials. However, we wanted to share this with you now so you know what’s coming. When launched it means the number of pre-thickened supplement choices will double.

Updates will follow, but if you would like to see the Nutritional composition just email

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