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New practical training on pureed – dysphagia – diets by dietitians

8 November 2022

We recently read about a course that focused on creating pureed diets produced by Dietitian, Rachael Masters. Passionate about nutrition and a keen interest in dysphagia, Rachael wanted to provide a course that provides useful information and practical advice for caterers and people living at home 

We therefore wanted to share what she has done and this is what Rachael has to say about it…

Preparing pureed or altered consistency diets can seem overwhelming, making sure it is a safe consistency to eat, appealing and packed with nutrition. Focus on Undernutrition have launched new practical online training to support cooks and carers to develop pureed and altered consistency diets, previously delivered face to face to over 700 cooks. Endorsed by the British Dietetic Association and developed by a Consultant Dietitian, supported by a Speech Therapist and expert dysphagia chefs. 

This accessible training includes masterclasses, practical catering demonstrations for over 20 pureed recipes, before and after confidence and knowledge surveys and course evaluation. The training incorporates downloadable resources, including activity sheets, all the training materials, recipe books with over 30 level 4 pureed recipes. 

The training includes:

  • What is dysphagia
  • What is IDDSI
  • Which foods are suitable for different IDDSI levels
  • Adapting meals to be suitable for each IDDSI level
  • Developing nutritionally balanced menu  
  • Practical videos on over 20 level 4 pureed recipes, including main course, desserts, snacks such as biscuits, scones, sandwiches, afternoon tea.

To find out more details on Focus on Undernutrition Online training watch To purchase the training, email for a registration form to complete.

For further information visit or email

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