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As you know many of your clients have difficulty swallowing solid dose medications, which means you spend valuable time assessing the suitability of crushing, splitting and opening, deciding if it is acceptable to add them to yoghurts, jams and fruit juices or suggesting expensive liquid alternatives.

To relieve you from all that we have therefore used our experience in making liquids safer to swallow for those with dysphagia, to create a product suitable for all those with difficulty swallowing solid dose medications and supplements.

It is called Slõ Tablets and you can order direct from us – with discounts – for your clients.

More information about this at the foot of this page.

Slõ Tablets is specially formulated; cherry flavoured, inert thickened liquid that makes tablets safer to swallow.

Provided ready to use Slõ Tablets matches the IDDSI 3 (Moderately thick) flow rate and is therefore suitable for all levels of swallowing ability.

To use it, your clients put the tablet on a spoon, and cover it with approximately 10mls of Slõ Tablets – one small depress of the pump. This wraps around the tablet, holding it suspension so it can be safely swallowed and carried down the oesophagus into the stomach.

There, Slõ Tablets will quickly break down leaving the tablet to act as intended. There will be nothing left in the mouth, just a mild, pleasant cherry aftertaste. This sweet* taste also helps to mask the taste of “bad tasting” medicines.

Of course, making tablets safer to swallow is only one half of the issue we had to overcome. The other is to make sure the tablets perform as intended.

Slõ Tablets is therefore virtually chemically inert and is comparable to the Ph level of the stomach (4.2pH). It can therefore be used with a wide range of tablets and other solid dose forms.

It has been subjected to over 100 scientific compatibility studies in collaboration with independent, GLP and ISO9001 certified laboratories.  As a result with the exceptions of effervescent and crushed tablets: rapid dissolving, sustained release medication or those containing Iodine, Slõ Tablets can confidently be used with:

  • Medical pills, tablets and (liquid containing) capsules
  • Vitamin preparations
  • Food supplements
  • Other solid dosage forms meant to be swallowed

The only limitation is the size of these products. They are presented in various sizes and therefore we strongly suggest first time users try with their smallest tablets first. Once confidence grows, use increasingly bigger tablets and if a healthcare professional approves, progress to multiple tablets.

Providing medication to those with difficulty swallowing solid doses is a time consuming, stress full and expensive issue for you and your clients. Slõ Tablets changes that – forever.

Whilst it may not be suitable for all solid dose forms, it can be used for the majority of them. 

Think of it….anyone that tells you they struggle to swallow tablets now have another option.

They can take benefit from a wider range medications, preparations and supplements; the need for crushing and the risks associated with it can be dramatically reduced and you don’t need to use expensive liquid preparations and switch to generic alternatives.

Could this be the most exciting thing to happen in the delivery of medication to dysphagia patients? We think so and we think you and your clients will find it will be a huge help.

Below are various helpful links:
Slõ Tablet Information Leaflet
Slõ Tablets Pharmacist Information

If your client wants you to purchase Slõ Tablets for them, you will receive 20% discount on the purchase price.

The total cost for each 500ml bottle is: £13.89 (£ 9.59 (inc discount) + £ 4.30 postage).

You can click this link which will take you to the buy page Slõ Tablet.

At checkout insert the discount code pharmacy20 and the discount will be applied.

Alternatively you can call us on 03452 222 205 and the same 20% discount will be applied.

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