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Do you find pills difficult to swallow

Before prescribing pills, if you ask your patient “Do you find pills difficult to swallow?” and they say Yes, then Pill-Eze will help them, you and the NHS.   

As you know many of your patients have difficulty swallowing pills. Consequently, you spend valuable time assessing the suitability of ways to help them take their medication.  

It may involve crushing, splitting or opening capsules. Deciding if it is acceptable to add them to yoghurts, jams and fruit juices. Both of which we all know affect the efficacy of the drug and your legal standing. Or as a last resort, you offer expensive liquid specials which the NHS can’t really afford. 

To relieve you from all that we have therefore used our experience in making liquids safer to swallow for those with swallowing difficulties and diagnosed with dysphagia, to create a product suitable for all those with difficulty swallowing pills – solid dose medications or supplements. It is called Pill Eze. 

Pill-Eze is specially formulated; cherry flavoured, inert thickened liquid that makes pills easy to swallow. 

Provided ready to use Pill-Eze is moderately thick and suitable for all levels of swallowing ability. For those diagnosed with dysphagia it is suitable for those on IDDSI Level 1, 2 and 3. 

To use it, your patients put the pill on a spoon and cover it with approximately 10mls of Pill-Eze – one small depress of the pump. This wraps around the pill, to form a bolus – holding it suspension so it can be safely swallowed without getting stuck and carried down the oesophagus into the stomach. 

There, Pill-Eze will quickly break down leaving the medication in the pill to act as intended. Nothing is left in the mouth, just a mild, pleasant cherry aftertaste. This sweet (sugar free) taste also helps to mask the bad, powdery taste of pills. 

Of course, making pills safer to swallow is only one half of the issue we had to overcome. The other is to make sure the medication in the pill performs as intended after being deposited in Pill-Eze. 

It has therefore been subjected to over 100 scientific compatibility studies in collaboration with independent, GLP and ISO9001 certified laboratories. These tests established Pill-Eze is virtually chemically inert and is comparable to the Ph level of the stomach (4.2pH).  

It can therefore be used with confidence a wide range of pills and other solid dose forms, with the exceptions of effervescent and crushed pills: rapid dissolving, sustained release medication or those containing Iodine, including: 

  • Medical pills, tablets and (liquid containing) capsules 
  • Vitamin preparations 
  • Food supplements 
  • Other solid dosage forms meant to be swallowed 

The only limitation is the size of these pills. They are presented in various sizes and therefore we strongly suggest first time users try with their smallest pills first. Once confidence grows, use increasingly bigger pills and if a healthcare professional approves, progress to multiple pills. 

Providing medication to those with difficulty swallowing pills is a time consuming, stress full and expensive issue for you, your patients and the NHS. Pill-Eze changes that – forever. 

Whilst it may not be suitable for all patients or all pills – solid dose forms, it can be used for the majority of them. Picture it… when you ask a patient “Do you find pills difficult to swallow?” and they say Yes, you can provide an effective and inexpensive solution. 

Your patients can benefit from a wider range of generic solid dose medications, preparations and supplements; the need for crushing and the risks associated with it to you as a healthcare professional are dramatically reduced and you don’t need to burden the NHS with expensive liquid specials. To see the savings that can be achieved by switching from liquid preparations to using solid doses with Pill-Eze click here

You will find more detailed information about Pill-Eze including its compatible active ingredients, here –  Pill- Eze detailed information, email or call us on +44(0)3452 222 205. 

In the meantime, to request a sample for you or your patient simply click the link below. When in the Clinicians Library click the Sample button and complete the encrypted on-line form. 

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