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Pre-thickened nutritional supplements taste…

22 June 2016

“Pre-thickened oral nutritional supplements taste sweet – sickly sweet in some cases. They can leave a metallic after-taste and because they are made with long life milk can taste artificial.”

This is what we were told when we were developing Slõ Milkshakes+.

Taste is one of the last factors to be considered when medicinal products are being developed. Many think, the worst it tastes the more good it is does you!

We think different, which is why it took us 4 years to create the right formula.

Slõ Milkshakes+ are not too sweet.

They don’t leave an iron after-taste. The minerals are virtually undetectable.

And probably most importantly, they taste fresh being made with fresh whole milk from the fridge.

The result of achieving an acceptable taste – drinking a pre-thickened nutritional supplement will be a far more enjoyable way for those with dysphagia to maintain their oral nutritional intake.

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