Use to make all your pills easy to swallow.

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Pill-Eze is a specially formulated; cherry flavoured, inert thickened liquid that makes pills safer to swallow.

• Vitamin preparations
• Food supplements
• Laxatives
• Other solid dosage forms meant to be swallowed

It is suitable for those diagnosed with dysphagia and need drinks at IDDSI Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Preparation Instructions

1. Place a pill, tablet or capsule on a spoon.
2. Cover with Pill-Eze; 5 or 10ml.
3. Swallow together and finish with water* if necessary.

Dietary Data


When crushing pills or opening capsules it is recommended to carefully read the patient information leaflet of your medication and/or consult your health professional
Use under medical supervision.
Always check the consistency of Pill-Eze and the ingredients are suitable for the user.
For ages 2+. Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use with effervescent tablets.
Avoid contact with eyes. If pregnant or breast-feeding check, with your doctor or pharmacist this is suitable for use.
If side effects occur, stop using and immediately consult a healthcare professional.
For oral consumption only.



Before using check with a healthcare professional this is suitable if the drinker is pregnant or breast-feeding, has appendicitis, has narrowing of intestines, a bowel blockage or scheduled for surgery within 2 weeks of drinking. It can cause flatulence or bloating.


Purified water, modified food starch, natural cherry flavour, sodium citrate, citric acid, sucralose, sodium benzoate (<0.1%), malic acid, simethicone.

Our thickener is biologically inert. It only delays the transit of a fluid.

Storage conditions:

Store between 4 and 25 degrees Celsius.
Keeping Pill-Eze in the top part of the fridge keeps it chilled and enhances the drinking experience.

Do not use more than 12 months after opening and do not use after the indicated expiration date.