Turn favourite hot and cold drinks into Slõ Drinks with our 28 day sachet multi packs. It’s a safe,
easy, and quick way to stay hydrated all day, every day.

Drinking enough fluid to stay hydrated is vital. Not only does it improve physical and
cognitive function it also cleanses the body inside and out and keeps skin supple, while
avoiding urinary tract infections.

Our Slõ Drinks multi packs contain 28 sachets. 28 days is a month for clinician’s. By providing our
sachets in 28s we can also make it easy for you to plan how many Slõ Drinks per day you need
over month. Drinking enough every day is easy.

Just one sachet of Slõ Cold Drinks allows you to make 500mls of a favourite cold water-based
drink in one go. Make it in the morning, keep it in the fridge, and drink it as you need it.

The other sachets contained in the pack allow you to make one drink at a time, quickly
and easily. Make a favourite brand of tea or coffee just the way you want then
add a Slõ Hot Drinks sachet to safely enjoy it.

Find the perfect Slõ Drink for your level of swallowing difficulty
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