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Drinking enough fluid to stay hydrated is vital. Not only does it improve physical and cognitive function it also cleanses the body inside and out and keeps skin supple, while avoiding urinary tract infections.

As a result, to help you making drinking easy – we have created a simple and safe way to change favourite drinks into thickened drinks that flow slõwly.

For example – you want to thicken a cold drink. May be an orange or blackcurrant drink made with cordial. Make the drink exactly the way you want then just add and mix the contents of the Slõ Cold Drink sachet at the right IDDSI level. You can also add the sachet to any 500ml bottle of a water based drink or water.

To thicken your hot drinks or fizzy drinks, just mix them with the Slõ Hot Drink or Fizzy Drink sachet at the required IDDSI Level. They will all look good, taste good and be safer to swallow.

And…so you know how many drinks you are having per day, our sachets are provided in multi packs of 28 sachets. 28 days is a month for clinicians!

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