Swallowing difficulties can make eating a snack or a meal difficult, time consuming and stressful.
That is why we have created Slõ Milkshakes+, a high protein, high calorie supplement
containing 25 essential vitamins and minerals.

They have been created to supplement a diet – not replace it – because we encourage a food first approach.
However, we know that eating enough can be difficult for people with swallowing difficulties making it
difficult to consume all the essential ingredients a health body needs – especially protein.

In addition to our Milkshake+, we therefore created Slõ Protein powder. Initially to add to soups, it can be added to main meals and desserts to give each a protein boost. Suitable for adding to texture modified foods levels IDDSI 4 to 7; they are flavourless,
easy to digest and available as whey, soy and pea protein to suit all diet needs.

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If in doubt, please don't self-diagnose, speak to your healthcare professional.

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