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Thickened festive alcoholic and fizzy drinks

23 November 2023

The festive season is upon us, bringing with it celebrations aplenty and the joy of family gatherings.

For many, it’s a season that’s synonymous with the clinking of glasses; of raising a toast with loved ones and friends, whether that’s a Prosecco, a glass of wine, a seasonal beer or even a special non-alcoholic soda.

As a clinician, you know how important these simple pleasures can be for your patients’ emotional wellbeing – but you also know they can so often feel out of reach for those living with dysphagia and other swallowing difficulties. With so few options available for thickened drinks, celebrations can be a cause of worry for those patients, leading to feelings of exclusion and even social isolation.

Everyone can enjoy their favourite festive tipple safely
At Slõ Drinks, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy their favourite festive drink, whatever their unique medical needs. That’s why we’ve developed a range of innovative, pre-measured sachets of thickening products designed specifically to enhance your dysphagia care planning for the festive season and beyond, and bring enjoyment to those living with dysphagia.

Patients simply choose their favourite drink, add a pre-measured sachet of thickener, and they can safely and confidently join the festivities with a glass of the following:
• Slõ Beer
• Slõ Cider
• Slõ Wine
• Slõ Bubbly

Bringing inclusivity to the party
Slõ Drinks offer a simple, effective and great-tasting solution for dysphagia care planning. You can confidently prescribe our pre-measured thickening sachets to meet the unique needs and tastes of every patient, ensuring a truly personalised care plan, whatever the season.

Our thickeners make it easy for patients to control the consistency of all their favourite hot and cold drinks, with each product available in IDDSI Levels 1-3 to ensure a safe and enjoyable drinking experience, every time.
The process is easy, too – patients simply open a sachet, mix it with their favourite tipple, and they can confidently toast the season with a drink that flows slõ, tailored to their exact needs.

Sharing a drink with loved ones is a priceless gift that extends far beyond the festive season. Give the gift of cheer and enhance your dysphagia patient care with Slõ Drinks.

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