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For those with problems swallowing pills and tablets, we have a solution

4 April 2019

Medication is a daily essential but a struggle. Many people have difficulty swallowing solid tablets and pills; for some it is a severe problem.

Consequently, the only way to take these solid dose forms is to put them into yoghurt, jam and fruit juices or crush them. However, both options can adversely affect the way a drug works, preventing it providing the relief required. The only alternative is to use incredibly expensive liquid preparations.

As a result, to change these risky, complicated and costly processes* and to help those who have trouble swallowing or can’t swallow tablets, we’ve created a product which provides an easy way to swallow them. It’s called Slõ Tablets. .

A specially formulated; cherry flavoured, inert thickened liquid that makes tablets safer to swallow.

Provided ready to use Slõ Tablets matches the IDDSI 4 (Stage 3, extremely thick) flow rate and is therefore suitable for those on IDDSI: 1, 2, 3 and 4 fluids.

To use it, put the tablet on a spoon, and cover it with approximately 10mls of Slõ Tablets – one small depress of the pump. This wraps around the tablet, holding it suspension so it can be safely swallowed and carried down the oesophagus into the stomach.

There, Slõ Tablets will quickly break down leaving the tablet to act as intended. There will be nothing left in the mouth, just a mild, pleasant cherry aftertaste. This sweet** taste also helps to mask the taste of “bad tasting” medicines.

Of course, making tablets safer to swallow is only one half of the issue we had to overcome. The other is to make sure the tablets perform as intended.

Slõ Tablets is therefore virtually chemically inert and is comparable to the Ph level of the stomach (4.2pH). It can therefore be used with a wide range of tablets and other solid dose forms.

It has been subjected to over 100 scientific compatibility studies in collaboration with independent, GLP and ISO9001 certified laboratories.  As a result with the exceptions of effervescent and crushed tablets: rapid dissolving, sustained release medication or those containing Iodine, Slõ Tablets can confidently be used with:

  • Medical pills, tablets and (liquid containing) capsules
  • Vitamin preparations
  • Food supplements
  • Other solid dosage forms meant to be swallowed

The only limitation is the size of these products. They are presented in various sizes and therefore we strongly suggest first time users try with their smallest tablets first. Once confidence grows, use increasingly bigger tablets and if a healthcare professional approves, progress to multiple tablets.

Providing medication to Dysphagia patients has been a huge problem for prescribers for a long time.

Slõ Tablets changes that – forever.

Whilst it may not be suitable for all solid dose forms, it can be used for the majority of them. 

Think of it….those with dysphagia can benefit from a wider range medications, preparations and supplements; the need for crushing and the risks associated with it can be dramatically reduced and Pharmacist can cut the need for expensive liquid preparations and switch to generic alternatives.

Could this be the most exciting thing to happen in the delivery of medication to dysphagia patients? We think so.

For more information about buying please click here: Slõ Tablets


Useful information

*As altering medication for those with dysphagia is a complex process, numerous guidelines and protocols have been written. Here are just some of them published in the UK.


**Slõ Tablets it is suitable for diabetic patients and does not contribute to tooth decay. It contains sucralose derived from sucrose and the body does not recognize it as a carbohydrate. Studies suggest “Sucralose does not affect normal carbohydrate metabolism, including insulin secretion and glucose and fructose absorption” [McNeil Speciality; 1998].

Sucralose is therefore suitable for consumption by diabetic patients and does not contribute to tooth decay. Sucralose is approved for use in food preparations by the FDA after reviewing over 100 safety studies” [FDA;2014].

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