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Slõ Customers Across Mainland Europe

4 November 2019

It’s always good to see Slõ products having a positive impact abroad and one such case is in the European Center of Neurosciences in Spain.

In their blog (which can be found here), they present the effects and difficulties of neurological damage, including dysphagia.  Dysphagia has a prevalence of between 25-78% of hospitalised patients with neurological problems and it is important to add that the statistics are usually underestimated in 90% of cases.

The European Center of Neurosciences have been working in the environment of people with dysphagia for years and we commend them for their work.

Since the website is in Spanish, it’ll need translating. Chrome will do it automatically but other browsers will need an extension (such as here for Firefox and here for Edge).

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