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Slõ Drinks – 10th Birthday

22 October 2015


The stress free alternative to thickened drinks is 10 today.

It’s our Birthday and I wanted to share it with you.

10 years ago the idea of Slõ Drinks became a reality and Slõ Drinks Ltd was incorporated.

It was founded on a chance conversation I had with a Speech Therapist walking out of a ward. Asking her what she would like for her patients with dysphagia she replied…”A safe, pleasant, easy to make drink.”

After researching how thickened drinks were made, I thought there must be a better alternative to using a scoop. What we call the “Scoopandhope” method.

So I created the aims above, framed them and put them on the wall.

They’ve kept us on track and kept us going on the tough days. Believe me; we’ve had lots of those tough days over the past 10 years and relied on them a lot!

But it has all been worth it – one of those bigger aims written down 10 years ago became a reality.

Slõ Drinks are now available to every care facility and home around the World.

They can be bought and shipped wherever they are needed from our online shop.

The last 10 years have gone in a blink of an eye. The next 10 are going to be hard work. We need to remind people thickener in tins are not the only option.

So when we reach 2025 we can look back and see we’ve helped lots more people with dysphagia.


Mathew Done – Founder


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