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Slõ Drinks in new pack size

4 November 2015

Slõ Drinks are now available in mixed boxes.

Clinicians and patients have been continually asking if we can make mixed boxes of Slõ Drinks and we have always said no.

Sorry about that. We forgot to listen and hear what’s needed.

Thankfully in this Monday’s meeting, Duncan saw the light and suggested that everyone likes a variety of drinks in the day. So selling one box of 50 of the same sachet is no help at all.

As a result this week we changed our production process and now produce all Slõ Drinks sachet in batches of 10.

That means the drinker decides what goes in their box.

They can order up to 5 different Slõ Drinks or just 50 to change 1 favourite drink into a Slõ Drink. It doesn’t matter. It’s up to them.

Think of it this way.

Instead of buying a tin of thickener, scooping and hoping to make different drinks to the same consistency, those with dysphagia and their carers can buy a box of Slõ Drinks, put in it the sachets they want and make sure every drink is safe to swallow.

We have already made the change to our online shop and we are currently changing the one.

We hope you like this and again – sorry for not listening hard enough.







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