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Slõ Drinks Samples

17 December 2018

Slõ Drinks are made to be enjoyed. Created to give back the simple pleasure of a drink that looks and tastes the same as ordinary ones, despite the fact it is contains thickener. But, if you are new to Slõ Drinks, then you may be unsure about placing your first order.

That’s understandable if you have been making thickened drinks using the “scoop and hope” method with tins of thickener.

However, we are sure you will find Slõ Drinks incredibly taste as good as an ordinary un-thickened drinks, easy to make and safer to swallow.

Consequently, to help you try this new way of making thickened drinks we have created a sample service.

For £3.00 you can choose any 3 Slõ Drinks you like, and we will post them to you wherever you are in the world.

Then, when you have decided which Slõ Drinks you want and placed your order we will deduct the £3.00 off your order!

We hope this will give the confidence to try Slõ Drinks for the first time and if it does just click here:

Slõ Drinks Samples

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