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Slõ Juice: Perfect drinks for summer days

20 April 2016

Summer. Longer days, flowers in bloom and time outdoors go hand in hand with the pleasure of a cool, refreshing drink on a warm afternoon.

That idyllic picture is not one that those with swallowing disorders should ever have to sacrifice. Whether it is the wake-up call of a sweet, tangy orange juice at breakfast time or a healthy aperitif in the garden, people with dysphagia can have – and enjoy – the drinks they love.

We all understand the importance of hydration but drinking purely as a means to an end can be depressing. This isn’t about anyone drinking because they have to, but because they want to.

Slõ Juice gives people with dysphagia the same choice and spontaneity as everyone else, whether they fancy a long, thirst-quenching cordial in the sunshine or a punchier, flavour-packed fruit juice. The sachets are formulated precisely to allow everyone to enjoy their drinks the way they like them – without fuss or fear.

Using old-fashioned thickener powders carries a level of uncertainty that can provoke anxiety and an unwillingness to risk drinking. Cumbersome tins and having to guess at the correct quantities make for an outdated and awkward situation, which has no place in people’s lives today. All too often the ‘scoop and hope’ method results in a drink that is at best unpalatable and at worst causes an uncomfortable and embarrassing coughing fit, loading an otherwise relaxed situation with stress that simply doesn’t need to be there.

Slõ Juice removes all that worry. As with every Slõ Drink, a lot has gone into its design and creation to ensure that all the user is left with is the taste and refreshment they want, just flowing more slowly to make it safer to swallow.

We analyse the temperature and sugar, fat and acidity levels of much-loved cordials and juices, then calculate and test their effect in combination with a range of thickener formulations made from naturally sourced hydrocolloids, refining until we have the exact balance and quantity for the consistency required. The ideal amount for each drink is then packaged in an individual sachet, easily tucked into a bag or even pocket, and quick and discreet to use in either diluted cordial or smooth juice from concentrate (no bits).

Best of all, because the thickener in the Slõ Juice sachet is specifically designed for these drinks, they will taste exactly as they are meant to.

The sachets are available in Stage 1 (syrup/nectar) and Stage 2 (honey/custard) formulations to deliver the optimum consistency and texture for all degrees of dysphagia.

Drinking Slõ Juice will help to improve hydration, with all its health benefits, and most importantly allows people with dysphagia the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle they want without compromise.

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