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Make every mouthful matter with Slõ Protein Powders

2 March 2021

As you know, for those with dysphagia, the whole process of eating a meal stressful and exhausting, resulting in a diet lacking in essential protein and nutrients which in turn increase the risks of malnutrition, which is why getting the most out of every mouthful is vital.

The British Nutrition Foundation says protein is essential for growth and repair of the body and maintenance of good health.  As well as helping maintain a healthy weight and muscle strength, proteins give the body more energy. They also promote wound healing and bone health, as well as helping the body to absorb key nutrients, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, while promoting better concentration and stabilising blood sugar levels.

At Slõ Drinks, we understand how difficult it is ensuring dysphagia patients and those with swallowing difficulties maintain their nutritional intake.

Consequently, we decided to see if we could help.

We had been struggling to create savoury oral nutritional supplements for a few years.  With so many patient tastes to accommodate, we couldn’t satisfy everyone. The answer came when one of the team put their lunch – a tin of soup; on their desk next to a sample of one of our Slõ Milkshakes+ proteins. This got us thinking – What if…?

The result was Slõ Protein powders: Slõ Soy, Whey and Pea Protein which your patients and their carers can use to create Slõ Savoury Supplements.

These specially formulated Soy, Whey and Pea Protein powders enable those with swallowing difficulties and a loss of appetite to increase their protein levels, easily, effectively and safely.

They make sure every mouthful matters and is packed with essential protein. That in turn will help patients stay nourished and eliminates the need to use high calorie fortifiers like full fat butter, creams and oils, which can have a detrimental effect on health,

The Slõ Protein Powders range includes Soy, Whey and Pea Protein powders to accommodate all dietary needs. Tasteless, they dissolve easily in both hot and cold foods, making them a safe and ideal addition to favourite soups, meals and desserts. Boosting protein levels and making every mouthful matter.

Every 15g (heaped tablespoon) will fortify meals with 12g of protein!

Only available to buy from us at the moment – you can find more information about Slõ Protein Powders at

You can also download an information and data sheet here: Slõ Proteins Data Sheet.

We hope you and your patients find them helpful.

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