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Slõ Sugar Free drinks for swallowing difficulties

27 March 2018

A Dietitian recently told us about Bolero sugar free drinks, and after trying them, we believe those living with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) will find them extremely helpful and enjoyable to drink.

Bolero is a powdered drink which is supplied in sachets. To make them, you simply mix the sachet contents with still water. There are two versions. The larger size dilutes into 1.5 litres, and there is also a more convenient ‘stick’ version which dilutes into 500ml.

The Bolero is huge. There are almost fifty flavour options! These range from Orange, Blackcurrant & Lemon through to the more exotic Watermelon, Mango & Passion fruit.
There’s even a range of Ice Teas!

Bolero is 100% sugar free. It does not contain any artificial colourings or flavourings, and all variants contain Vitamin C. We were also interested to learn that Bolero’s main sweetener is natural Stevia, which for those who aren’t already aware, is a plant.

As a result, we think Bolero will appeal to the elderly and seniors with dysphagia, providing a refreshing alternative to very sweet supplements and juice drinks.

To enjoy Bolero, you first need to make it safer to swallow by changing it into a ‘Slõ Bolero’ which you can do by using our Slõ Juice Sachets with Bolero sticks.

Slõ Juice Sachets are available from our shop.

Bolero can be purchased online at and also at

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