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Slõ Syrup makes thickening drinks simple

3 July 2024

If you are living with dysphagia, you’ll find thickened drinks tricky to make and disappointing to drink when made with powdered thickeners.

But you are not alone.

Even health professionals who work with dysphagia patients day in, day out, can find old-fashioned tinned thickening powders inconvenient. Everyone is familiar with the ‘scoop and hope’ approach to achieving the appropriate IDDSI Level and the “scoop stress” this causes. Well…that’s history.

Multiple tastes, one thickening solution

At Slõ, we created Slõ Syrup as the modern easy-to-use alternative that thickens any water-based drink in just five minutes.

It couldn’t be simpler to make a hot or cold drink to the IDDSI Level prescribed as safer for the drinker.

In a bottle with a pump, it’s simply one pre-measured pump for every IDDSI level. So that would be one pump for IDDSI Level 1, two pumps for IDDSI Level 2, and three for Level 3. Making a drink is simple…

  1. Pour 200ml of cold drink into a cup
  2. Add Slõ Syrup according to the IDDSI Level required
  3. Mix for 30 seconds
  4. Leave to stand for 5 minutes
  5. Mix again for 5 seconds
  6. Drink within 3 hours or store in the fridge and drink throughout the day

Easy to thicken favourite drinks

Every bottle features clear pictorial and written instructions allowing everyone to use it and make a Slõ Drink with the confidence of a clinician.

The instructions include standing time before drinking. Just 5 minutes.

We know powdered thickeners state you can drink in less than that. But thickeners are often not fully hydrated when the mixing process is finished.

A drink doesn’t look the right IDDSI Level and that’s what leads to over thickening.  More thickener is added. A drink then continues to thicken, after it’s started to be drunk and  that makes it drinkable. But you know that!

More hygienic than tins of powder

At home, hygiene is essential when preparing drinks and Slõ Syrup helps here too. There are no containers sitting open on worktops, no scoops to worry about and no cross-contamination with other medication or foods in the same area. There’s no need to touch the product, and there’s a hygienic seal on the pump’s nozzle.

Appealing to look at and drink

Slõ Syrup has the colour and texture of set honey. Once added to a drink it mixes easily and does not dull its colour. It looks as clear and bright as an original drink and taste like them. Slõ Syrup is flavourless.

If you want simplify the way you thicken drinks and create Slõ ones that are enjoyable to drink, you can use the discount code SloDrinker10 to receive 10% off your order here:

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