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Slõ Tablets Sample Sachet

25 October 2019

Slõ Tablets has been created to make swallowing tablets and capsules comfortable and safer for those with all degrees of dysphagia.

It reduces all the risks associated with adding medication to thickened drinks. Slõ Tablets is already pre-thickened and ready to use at IDDSI 3- Moderately Thick flow rate.

Although it is thickened it flows very easily. As a result, no residue is left in the mouth or the oesophagus. Instead the tablet arrives safely at the stomach where it can provide the intended benefit.

This is helped by the fact, Slõ Tablets is inert. It doesn’t interact with the medication or affect its performance like yoghurts, jams and foods do.

That said, we know it is a new idea and clinicians have suggested that people may want to try a sample first. We’ve therefore created a sample sachet containing 5mls of Slõ Tablets.

It is available to buy from our shop. Available to buy from the Sample section of our Shop: 3 for £3.00; a £3.00 voucher will be provided to redeem against the purchase of a full bottle.

Hopefully, you will find this new service useful. To start using it please click here: Slõ Drinks Shop

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