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Slõ Vitamin Drops

14 October 2021


Those with dysphagia struggle to eat enough to maintain their essential nutritional intake and that compromises their micro-nutrient intake or essential vitamins.

We’ve therefore created Slõ Vitamin Drops.

The first are common deficiencies in dysphagia patients, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 & K2.

Vitamin C – also known as the Sunshine vitamin is reported to help the immune system, especially in the cold weather. Whilst studies show Vitamin D3 & K2 combine to support the immune system, help maintain healthy bones and muscle function.

To make them easy to administer and take they are presented in a bottle with a pipette.

To use, patients and carers simply squeeze the bulb to draw a small amount into the pipette. Place over the tongue and release the bulb gently to deposit the Slõ Vitamin Drops at a speed the person can cope with.

By placing them directly on the tongue they are absorbed quickly, removing the need to swallow. No extra saliva should be created, as they have a subtle orange flavour.

Despite the fact Slõ Vitamin Drops are absorbed, we still print on the label, the IDDSI flow rates it is suitable for. As so many products just claim “Suitable for Dysphagia”, we believe there is patient safety in printing the IDDSI numbers.

It’s another small thing we hope makes a big difference to those with dysphagia.

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