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Slõ Vitamin Drops

14 October 2021

As you know, eating with dysphagia is difficult and takes time which means many people may not have enough essential vitamins.

We’ve therefore created Slõ Vitamin drops to help.

The first are liquid Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 & K2.

Vitamin C – also known as the Sunshine vitamin is reported to help the immune system, especially in the cold weather. Whilst studies show Vitamin D3 & K2 combine to support the immune system, help maintain healthy bones and muscle function.

To make them easy to take we put them in a bottle with a pipette which gives you control.

To use, simply squeeze the bulb to draw a small amount into the pipette. Place over the tongue and release the bulb gently to deposit the Slõ Vitamin Drops.

By placing them directly on the tongue they are absorbed quickly, removing the need to swallow. All you taste is a subtle orange flavour.

Because they are absorbed, they are suitable for all IDDSI flow rates, and we print that on the bottle to give you confidence to use them.

We are sure they will be helpful and so if you want to find out more about improving essential vitamin intake safely, click here:

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