How do Slõ Vitamin Sprays work for those with difficulty swallowing?

How do Slõ Vitamin Sprays work for those with difficulty swallowing?

8 January 2018

Slõ Multi Vitamin and Vitamin D3 Sprays were created for those with difficulty swallowing tablets.

As they are new and the 1st inter oral sprays for those with dysphagia; you may want to know how they work.

The concept of using the mouth to transport medication is a well established and highly researched.  First discussed in 1877, the concept has had a massive impact on the health industry and there are literally thousands of published research papers on oral absorption (both buccal and sublingual).

The absorption process occurs when nutrient molecules cross the lining on inside of the mouth (buccal membrane) into the capillaries and veins that line the mouth.

There, the nutrients enter the blood vessels, which drain into the jugular vein and enter the systemic circulation, which distributes blood, and the nutrients it is carrying, throughout the body.

This is a rapid process, taking a few seconds, especially when the nutrients are dissolved in solution. The body doesn’t have to break them down into a useable format.

Slõ Vitamin Sprays are in such a solution called an “emulsion”, meaning that the vitamin is fully mixed with the purified water which contains them. This helps the absorption and ensures they have a high bioavailability.  Ultimately, helping users supplement essential micro-nutrients safely.

Slõ Vitamin Sprays are only available to buy direct from Slõ Drinks Shop here. A spray costs £ 11.00 (Plus £1.95 P&P in the UK).