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Sounds like slow but is spelt s.l.o

6 July 2016

Slõ Drinks can be ordered by Wholesalers and their Specials Departments and NHS Organizations in England, Scotland and Wales. They are listed on all the systems they use

BUT, some struggle to find them because they add a W to the end of Slo and as a result Slõ Drinks or Slõ Milkshakes won’t show up.

So if you ever told Slõ Drinks can’t be found on a system; tell them “It sounds like slow but is spelt
s.l.o”. They don’t even have to try to add the famous Slõ Drinks squiggle over the o.

But if that fails – we are here to help.

Just call us on +44(0)3452 222 205 or email us on, tell us who is having and issue and we will speak to them for you.

How can we help?

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