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Struggling to obtain your usual pre-thickened ONS?

25 October 2023

Clinicians and healthcare practitioners across the UK are currently reporting a shortage of their usual pre-thickened oral nutritional supplements.

If you’re experiencing the same frustration, you can prescribe our Slõ Milkshake+ as an alternative.

A pre-thickened powdered ONS provides an easy-to-use, great-tasting solution that flows slõ to deliver the nutritional boost you’re looking for, safely.

Slõ Milkshake+ are presented in handy pre-measured sachets that you mix with fresh whole milk to provide as many calories as a small meal. No lumps, no metallic aftertaste, and no issues around measuring the right amount of thickener.

Available in strawberry, banana and chocolate flavours at IDDSI Level 1, 2 and 3 they provide a safe solution that caters to the tastes and needs of all your dysphagia patients.

Nutrition that flows slo for safer swallowing

Each Milkshake+ is packed with essential nutrients. The + stands for + protein, + calories and + 25 essential vitamins and minerals. And because each pre-measured sachet is mixed with fresh milk straight from the fridge, you can be sure your patients are getting all the nutrition and hydration they need safely, throughout the day.

More protein per ml than any other pre-thickened ONS available!

At Slõ Drinks, we designed our Slõ Milkshakes+ range to be a reliable, quick and great-tasting alternative to traditional pre-thickened ONS.

We’re sure they will be not just a positive alternative other pre-thickened ONS are in short supply, but will become a first choice for many of your patients.

And the good news for you as a clinician is that Slõ Milkshakes+ can be effortlessly prescribed and ordered. Stocked by Alliance Healthcare warehouses across the country; they can be ordered by Hospitals and via prescription using the PIP codes below.

IDDSI Level Strawberry Chocolate Banana
1 4160271 4160289 4176152
2 4007639 4007662 4176145
3 4007647 4007654


Your partner in dysphagia care

We understand the challenges you face in maintaining the highest standards of care for dysphagia patients and we’re committed to being part of the solution.

Slõ Drinks is here to support your clinical practice and ensure your patients always have access to the nutrition they need.

For more information, or to begin offering your patients reliable, great-tasting nutrition that flows slõ, you can order samples of Slõ Milkshake+ and find a Data sheet with a full nutritional breakdown here:

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