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The 300ml IDDSI Level 1

18 August 2021

After trying our Slõ Milkshakes+ at IDDSI level 1, a clinician asked, “Why it is 300ml?” Especially as 200ml is the norm and Compact ONS are popular.

If that has crossed your mind, we thought we should explain.

The IDDSI level 1 is a relatively new flow rate description, and we took this as an opportunity to question what would be an ideal way to present an ONS specifically for patients needing this flow rate.

In conversations with healthcare providers, those prescribed IDDSI Level 1 are either close to recovering full swallow control or only have a slight swallowing difficulty.

As a result – and we know this doesn’t apply to all patients on IDDSI Level 1 – they are probably more active than a dysphagia patient on IDDSI Level 2 and above. They, therefore, need a high nutritional intake and hydration levels.

The simplest way to achieve this combination is to provide an ONS in 300ml. It provides 27g+ of protein, 400+ calories, + a mix of 25 vitamins and minerals and 300ml of fluid in one drink.

Having a pre-thickened ONS at this size also saves time, as it can be kept in the fridge all day and taken out when needed. Like all Slõ Milkshakes+, our IDDSI Level 1 maintains the same safe flow rate all day.

There is an argument to say nutritional supplements should be presented in a small volume as that allows patients to obtain hydration from other fluids they prefer. But that is for patients with a normal swallow.

Those with dysphagia take time to drink and find it tiring. If we can therefore help them hydrate and increase their nutrition intake at the same time, that becomes an effective solution.

Ultimately, it is all about the patient and if they can drink that volume straight away or during the day they will benefit. If you would therefore like to see how beneficial your patients will find them, we can post samples direct to them for you.

Just go to at the top of the page click the HCP button to enter the Clinicians’ Library. When there, just click the sample button to open the encrypted online form and enter your patients’ details.

We trust you find this helpful.

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