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The Essential Puree Library Introduces The Seasons of Puree

11 June 2019

Diane Wolff is the author of many great puree recipes for those with dysphagia books. Like us here at Slõ Drinks she looks at how to normalise the everyday and make life a little easier for those with dysphagia.

Diane has recently produced another book: The Purees of Summer: Safe Grilling for the Cookout, which is part of The Seasons of Puree recipes collection. Diane can explain far better than we can and so I will hand you over to her…

“Hello! The Essential Puree Library feature a step-by-step practical organised system for the family or professional caregiver, based on the concept of nutritional healing.  The Seasons of Puree follows the trend of seasonal eating that is popular in the United States at the present moment. The recipes are delicious and easy to prepare.

The volumes follow the approach of the Essential Puree Kitchen. Money-saving, time-saving and labor-saving. Cook in batches and label and store in freezer. A great meal is always on hand. An end to patient boredom. An end to caregiver stress. Easy technique, easy cleanup.

The volumes are available at the Essential Puree Bookstore with a special introductory series price at this time. The special purchase of the entire series will be available February 1st. Here is the lineup:

The Purees of Summer: Safe Grilling for the Cookout. Iconic recipes for a summer cookout, meaning burgers and dogs (without casings for safe puree), plus all the sides, including faux French fries. The cooking technique is the portable indoor grill.

This was created at the suggestion of the eminent Speech Language Pathologist, Dr. David Fagen. He wanted to find a way for his patients to participate in social events rather than be isolated. Here is the solution to the problem.

The Purees of Fall: Delicious under Pressure. Purees of Fall comes in three volumes: Game Day, the Holiday Meal and Shakes and Snacks. Introduces the electric Pressure Cooker (and other cooking techniques).

The idea was to have the patient participate in and enjoy the social events of the season. Family and friends enjoy the classic recipe such as chili, while the person with the swallowing disorder has the pureed version. The tastings have been unanimous. Family and friends love the recipes as much as the person with dysphagia or swallowing disorder.

The Purees of WinterSlow Cooking in a Cold Season. Comfort foods that are easy to freeze, made in a slow cooker. Introduces the technique of hot pot or shabu-shabu for the winter holidays. 

The Purees of SpringSteamy Delights. The wrap, or the adaptation of the French technique of en papillote. Easy prep in the electric steamer, either one tier or multi-tiered. How to steam fish, chicken or tofu (for the vegetarians) with sauce and veggie. Quick soups. Warm salad. Steamed custard with fruit sauce for dessert. As an appetiser or snack, how to steam and puree prepared and frozen potstickers with a sauce.

Go to, click on the Bookstore to order the eBooks.

We remind you of the motto of the Essential Puree Kitchen: Life is too precious and far too short to eat boring tasteless food.

Our speciality: Marrying the Art of Fine Food to the Science of Puree.”      

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