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The first refreshing fizzy thickened drinks

19 June 2023

For many patients who live with dysphagia, the summer months can be a dispiriting time.

As you know – it’s important they stay hydrated as the temperature rises, and recommending suitable thickening agents and pre-thickened drinks is a crucial element of the patient’s care plan.

Yet one of the most frustrating aspects of dysphagia, for patients and clinicians, is the limitations it imposes on a patient’s choice of drink. Traditional thickening powders and pre-prepared drinks like milkshakes may help keep patients nourished and hydrated, but they often fall short in terms of providing genuine refreshment.

But on a hot summer’s day, it’s not always simply about staying hydrated – it’s about feeling refreshed.

Our Slõ Soda sachet has been designed to give freedom of choice to patients and clinicians, helping to improve the quality of life for those living with dysphagia and providing genuine refreshment.

A measured sachet of unique thickening agent, Slõ Soda can be added to 200ml of any cold carbonated drink to make it flo slo. It will be safer to swallow and it preserves the bubbles so patients can enjoy their favourite fizzy drink while staying hydrated – safely.

Recent research suggests carbonation itself may positively affect swallowing, promoting the onset of the swallowing reflex earlier than non-carbonated beverages. By thickening fizzy drinks and preserving the carbonation, Slõ Soda helps stimulate saliva production, facilitating the formation of a bolus and the initiation of swallowing, thereby reducing the risk of aspiration.

Slõ Soda’s innovative sachet formulation ensures easy and accurate dosage at home, with IDDSI Levels 1, 2 and 3 available according to each patient’s needs. Clinicians can confidently recommend a drink that safer to swallow and enjoyable to drink during these hot summer months.

To find out more about Slõ Soda and start recommending it to your patients or ask for a sample, email us at ; scan the QR Code below with your phone and ask for a sample by clicking the Sample button or call us on 03452 222 205.

Further reading:
Saiki, A., Yoshimi, K., Nakagawa, K. et al, Effects of thickened carbonated cola in older patients with dysphagia, Sci Rep 12, 22151 (2022).

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