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The perfect thickened drink

28 July 2022

Is a milkshake the perfect thickened drink?

As you know, it’s difficult to stay hydrated with dysphagia. There’s lots of reasons for it, but the main one is people don’t like the texture of thickened drinks.

A glass of juice, a cup of tea or coffee with thickener is strange because it’s not what people expect.

We thought the best way to overcome this was to provide a drink that’s easy to accept. One that is known to be thick – like a milkshake.

Everyone knows milkshakes are thick and are expected to flo slo.

Slõ Milkshakes+ are therefore easy to accept because they are a familiar thickened texture. But they are safer to swallow because they are thickened to IDDSI Levels 1, 2 and 3.

That means you can use them to stay hydrated. They are made with milk which is 87% water.

Plus, they provided much needed nutrition. The + stands for + proteins (min 23g), + calories (399 max) and + vitamins and minerals (25).

Better still, they are enjoyable to drink. The chocolate uses a rich cocoa powder, the strawberry – real strawberry and banana – real banana. They are not too sweet, don’t have a metallic aftertaste and taste fresh, rich and creamy made with whole milk from the fridge.

So could a Slõ Milkshake+ be a perfect drink for dysphagia? It’s an acceptable texture, hydrates, provides nutrition and actually tastes good!

If you would therefore like to try them, you can either buy a whole pack or a sample from us by clicking this link:

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