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To buy a tin of thickener is expensive

29 July 2016

To buy a tin of thickener, month in month out is expensive.

A person with dysphagia must have thickener added all their drinks. That can be 4, 5 or 6 drinks  a day, every day. So whilst a tin is cheap the cumulative cost of using it makes it expensive.

Slõ Drinks have already gone a long way to cutting the cost of making safer to swallow drinks.

To make a Stage 1 Slõ Drinks cost the same as scooping thickener from a tin. But, Slõ Drinks are always the right consistency first time. You don’t have to throw them away and start again.

To make a Stage 2 Slõ Drink costs 15 -20p less!

Our Slõ Milkshakes+ provide a 60% saving over pre-thickened supplements. They also cost less  than buying a powdered supplement or pre-made one with a tin of thickener.

That’s progress but we think we can do more.

Those with dysphagia cared for at home use thickener just as frequently as large institutions, nursing homes and care facilities. But – they don’t buy enough tins of thickener, quickly enough to be offered the discount these facilities enjoy.

That’s not right. We know thickener is an everyday essential. Just because tins of thickener aren’t used enough doesn’t justify charging a premium to individuals.

So we are going to apply our philosophy of making life easier for our customers to this problem.

What we come up with will allow our customers to access discounts, usually only available to larger institutions and nursing homes, when they regularly buy our products in their own homes.

We only came up with the idea on Monday and lots of planning is in progress to work out how we can make it work.

But, we wanted to tell you about it as we are very excited about it. It’s one of those small changes that will we hope will make a big difference.

We will update you through our social media channels as the idea develops, and as always we would love your input.

We hope you like the idea as much as we do.

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