Vitamins for Dysphagia

Vitamins for Dysphagia

12 February 2019

Sunshine helps our bodies create the sunshine Vitamin – D3. It’s important as it helps control calcium and phosphate levels which are needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

It naturally occurs in a small number of foods, (oily fish red meat and eggs) and the sun makes the biggest contribution by its action on our skin.

But at this time of year the sunshine does not shine for long or with much strength; and we all spend a lot more time indoors looking at it through a window.

As a result we created a Slõ Vitamin D3 Spray.

To use it, you simply spray it away from the tongue on the inside of your cheek.

It is the 1st Vitamin Spray specifically created for those with dysphagia and is designed to dispense a specific dose. Whilst the scientific community agrees there is a need to supplement D3, the amount required per day is a contentious issue. Here in the UK the NHS recommends 10 µg (400 IU) per day or 4 sprays per day.

Providing a measurable amount per spray is important. You can for the first time know exactly how much is being taken. Equally important is making our Slõ Vitamin Sprays taste pleasant.

Slõ D3 therefore tastes of fresh peppermint. It is not a strong taste – just mild, which is helped by the fact it is sprayed away from the taste buds directly on the inside cheek where it is absorbed quickly.

Slõ D3 spray is only available to buy direct from Slõ Drinks Shop. A spray costs £ 11.00 (Plus £1.95 P&P in the UK) and that will provide enough for 2 months supply as per the UK’s NHS recommendations.

For more information about Vitamin D3, the NHS has created this useful resource.