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WhatsApp for Slõ Drinks

20 April 2021

Today, we all want answers quickly. That is especially true for Clinicians when they are with a patient, who asks a question they can’t answer. 

As time is short, they may not have time to search the web or email, which means coming back with an answer. 

This happened to a clinician that contacted us after leaving a patient. As a result, we wanted to make things easier. 

Our solution was to provide the fastest and most secure way to contact us: WhatsApp. 

We have therefore set up a WhatsApp Slõ Drinks account for clinicians to contact us that needs an answer quickly and securely. WhatsApp messages are sent end to end encryption which makes it a safe way to communicate and send patient details for samples. 

One of us will be there to answer your questions from 8.30am to 5pm (GMT) Monday to Friday. Just add this number to your phone: T: 07538 803175

 After adding us – try sending us a Hello or a question – so you know we are connected. 

 It’s another little thing we hope makes a big difference to you. 

How can we help?

If you would like to contact us more quickly, we are available on
whatsapp - +(44) 7538 803175