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When nutrition is a challenge for older persons

28 February 2023

For older persons, seniors or the elderly, it can be difficult to eat enough and maintain the nutritional intake required.

This may be because they’re not as active and slowing down. This automatically reduces appetite and only smaller meals are required. Even these may left unfinished as chewing and swallowing is difficult due to conditions affecting the mouth, badly fitting false teeth and/or dysphagia. All make making eating tiring and slow.

To overcome these issues and make nutritional intake enjoyable, we created Slõ Milkshakes+.

No ordinary milkshakes, they provide more nutrition than most meals in a drink. The + stands for: + protein (23g min), + calories (399 max), + essential vitamins and minerals (25); + Acacia Fibre and +Carb 10.

They taste good too. Slõ Milkshakes+ are made with only real ingredients. The Strawberry and Banana contain real strawberries and bananas converted to powders; the chocolate high quality cocoa.

To enhance their taste further, you mix them with cold whole/full cream milk from the fridge. This gives them a fresh taste and makes them feel smooth, rich and creamy to drink.

Slõ Milkshakes+ are from our range of Slõ Drinks created for people that have small appetites and need to drink slo due to having a swallowing difficulty – dysphagia. Developed with the help of dietitians and healthcare professionals, our milkshakes provide an ideal way to supplement and boost nutritional intake of those that struggle to eat a full meal.

You can learn more by clicking here: Strawberry is a very popular flavour, but you can also purchase Banana and Chocolate from that page or call us on 03452 222 205 to place your order.

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